80s Photoshoot Ideas

80s Photoshoot Ideas

Looking to travel back in time for your next photoshoot? The 80s provide the perfect setting with its big hair, bright colors, and overall carefree vibe. Whether you’re aiming to replicate a specific decade or just want to add some retro flair, you can use some ideas and tips to create some truly epic 80s-inspired photos. This article will answer common questions about 80s photoshoots and offer some tips to help you create an epic shoot that will take your followers back in time!

Why is 80s Photoshoot popular?

The 80s was a time of great creativity and expression, and the photoshoot was one way that people expressed themselves. The popularization of digital photography meant that it was easier to capture pictures with vivid colors and interesting poses. This combined with the influence of popular cultures like music and fashion created an exciting atmosphere for photographers to explore their artistry.

80s photoshoots were often characterized by bright colors, dramatic lighting, quirky poses, and daring styles. The combination of these elements made every photo stand out in its own unique way, allowing photographers to make bold statements about who they were as individuals or how they wanted to be seen by others. Additionally, many celebrities embraced this style of photography during the decade, further helping to popularize the trend.

The 80s was a great era for self-expression through photography, and it is easy to see why this style of photoshoot has remained popular with people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an edgy way to stand out in a crowd or just want to capture some beautiful memories, an 80s-inspired photoshoot will always be a fun experience.

Why is 80s Photoshoot popular?

Appearance in 80s style

Hair dressings

The 80s were all about big, bold, statement hairstyles. This was the era of big hair with volume and curls; from crimped to permed styles – the bigger the better.

Hair scrunchies and bright-colored clips were also popular for adorning tight ponytails or half-updos. Men’s hairstyles went through quite a transformation too during this decade as mullets, shags, and bowl cuts became fashionable.


Popular clothing trends in the 80s included leggings paired with oversized tops, mom jeans, leather jackets, stonewashed denim jackets, turtlenecks, and shoulder pads. Brightly colored windbreakers were also seen everywhere on the streets. Footwear for men included high-top sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers. Women wore stilettos, jelly sandals, Mary Janes, and pointed-toe ballet flats [1].


The makeup look of the 80s was all about drama and statement colors. The heavy foundation was used to achieve an ultra-pale complexion while bright eyeshadows were applied with puffy sleeves and shoulder pads in bold shades such as blues, purples, and greens. Blush was also popularly used in bright shades such as pink or coral to make cheeks appear fuller. Eyeliner was heavily used to give eyes a dramatic look along with heavy mascara application. Lips were either painted with glossy lipstick or lip liner pencils in bold shades like fuchsia and red. Overall, the look was bold, daring, and unapologetically glamorous.


Accessory trends from the 80s included statement jewelry such as dangling earrings, thick bangles, brightly colored beaded necklaces, and chunky rings. Headbands with bows were popular for both men and women while leg warmers were a great way to add some color to an outfit. Plastic aviator sunglasses were also trendy in the 80s; these could be found in all sorts of colors and shapes, adding a pop of personality to any look. Finally, scrunchies became essential for keeping hair off faces but still looking stylish.

Appearance in 80s style

Creative 80s Photoshoot Ideas for Atmospheric Photos

Show the Popularity of Sports Style Clothes in the 80s

You can really bring the 80s to life with a creative photoshoot featuring bright colors, sporty fashion items, and accessories. Some of the most popular looks from the 80s included tracksuits, brightly colored bomber jackets, and high-top sneakers. Have your models pose together in various combinations of these styles or separately donning different colors or brands of outfits to show the diversity of clothing during that era.

Highlight Retro Haircuts and Accessories

The hairstyles of the eighties were iconic — think feathered bangs, big curls, mullets, and perms! Incorporate these into your shoot by having your model rock different vintage haircuts paired with fun hair accessories like scrunchies, headbands and barrettes. Give the 80s vibe an even more dramatic look with colorful eyeshadow, big false eyelashes, and bold lipstick tones.

Recreate Iconic 80s Music Videos

Many of the most memorable music videos from the eighties featured colorful costumes and fun dance moves. Recreate some of these iconic looks from classic tracks like “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel, “Material Girl” by Madonna, or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson for a totally unique photoshoot! Have your models dress up in their best versions of the original costumes and strike alluring poses while dancing to the beat.

Create a Glamorous Studio Photoshoot

The 1980s was a time of glamour and glitz — so recreate that aesthetic in your photoshoot by having your models don cocktail dresses, sharp suits, and stunning jewelry.

Make sure to include some props like record players or cassette tapes for an extra bit of atmosphere.

Finish it off with classic black and white portraits to really capture the timeless beauty of the 80s.

Trendy Clothes in the 80s

Showcase all the trendy styles of the 80s in your shoot by having your models don different combinations of acid-washed jeans, neon tops, and colorful sweaters. Incorporate eclectic accessories like puffy jackets and chunky sneakers to really take it up a notch. For an even more dramatic look, arrange colorful lighting or experiment with unusual angles for eye-catching photos!

Add Accessories of That Time

Don’t forget to include some accessories that defined the 80s. Have your models wear flashy watches, statement earrings, and stylish sunglasses for a classic look. You can also use boomboxes or other gadgets of that time as props in your photoshoot — these will truly capture the unique style of the 80s!

Bring Back Vintage Cars

The cars from the 80s had a distinct look — so why not bring one back for your photoshoot? Choose an iconic vehicle like a DeLorean or Mustang convertible and have your model pose next to it with their best 80s-inspired outfit. This will add a classic touch to your photos and make them stand out from other shoots!

Emphasized Eroticism and Glamor

The 80s was a time of emphasizing the erotic and glamorous. Consider having your models pose in lingerie or swimwear to really show off their curves and beauty. You can also experiment with more daring poses like straddling chairs or lounging on beds for a sultry look.

Creative 80s Photoshoot Ideas for Atmospheric Photos

Lots of Posters with the Celebrities of the 80s on the Wall

Celebrities of the 80s like Madonna and Michael Jackson were trendsetters for fashion, hairstyles, and dance moves. Incorporate these icons into your photoshoot by having your models pose with posters or cutouts of them on the wall. This will give it an extra dynamic touch that captures the spirit of that era!

Use Old Photo and Video Equipment

For that truly authentic 80s look, incorporate old photo and video equipment into your shoot. Have your models pose with vintage cameras or film projectors for a unique touch. You can even recreate classic poses from movies of that period!

Use Food to Recreate the 80s Atmosphere

The 80s was a time of classic snacks and drinks — so use them to your advantage! Have your models pose with popcorn, milkshakes, or ice cream sundaes for an extra bit of fun. This will be sure to bring back fond memories of that decade and add a whimsical touch to your photoshoot.

Focus on Smoking

Smoking was a very prominent part of the 80s, with cigarettes being common in movies and tv shows. Bring back this iconic element by having your models pose with lighters or cigarettes for a dramatic effect. You can also use smoke machines to create an ethereal atmosphere for your photoshoot!

Bring Back the Music

Music was a crucial element of the 80s — so bring it back into your shoot with some classic hits from that era. Have your models dance to tracks like “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper while striking poses for an extra bit of fun and nostalgia.

Find the Right 80s Style Buildings

Search for buildings with the classic 80s style — such as neon signs, large windows, and colorful facades. Have your models pose in front of these to capture the unique atmosphere of that period. You can also take photos inside these iconic places for a truly authentic look!

Choose Relaxed Poses

The 80s was a time of relaxed and casual poses — so make sure to capture these in your photoshoot! Have your models lean against walls, look away from the camera, or just lounge around. This will create a more natural feeling that truly reflects the style of that era.

Experiment With Layering

Layering clothing was key in achieving an 80s look — so don’t be afraid to experiment with this in your shoot! Have your models wear multiple items of clothing and accessorize them with sunglasses, hats, and jewelry for a truly unique look. You can also get creative with colors and patterns to make the photos stand out even more!

Incorporate Add Neon Lights to Add Brightness

Neon lights were everywhere in the 80s — so add some to your shoot! Incorporate these into props or use them as a backdrop for your models. This will create a bright and vibrant atmosphere that captures the energy of that period [2].

Creative 80s Photoshoot Ideas for Atmospheric Photos

Best clothes to wear for an 80s Photoshoot

If you’re planning an 80s-themed photoshoot, there is a wide array of clothing options that you can choose from! Whether you want to go all out with the neon colors and wild patterns or keep it more subtle, here are some of the best clothes to wear for an 80s photoshoot. The most iconic 80s fashion trend was bright colors and wild patterns, so consider opting for items like neon-colored tops and jackets in fun prints such as polka dots and stripes.

Fishnet tights were also popular during this era, along with chunky jewelry and accessories. Wide-legged jeans, leg warmers, oversized sweaters, off-the-shoulder tops, or dresses – all these items are perfect for an 80s-style photoshoot. Finally, don’t forget to add some bright-colored sunglasses and other stylish accessories to complete the look! With these clothes in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to rock an amazing 80s-themed photoshoot.

Best clothes to wear for an 80s Photoshoot


How do you take a picture that looks like the 80’s?

To capture a picture that looks like the 80’s, it is best to use film photography. Film cameras tend to produce photos that have a unique look and feel compared to digital counterparts, which can help you achieve an 80’s aesthetic. To give your photos more of an 80’s vibe, you may want to experiment with bright colors and contrasty images. Additionally, using vintage lenses will add even more of an authentic touch to your photos. Finally, don’t be afraid to use flash or off-camera lighting for extra drama!

What type of camera do I need for 80s photoshoot?

For taking pictures in the style of the 80s, any film camera should work just fine. However, certain models will produce a more nostalgic look than others. Popular choices for an 80’s photoshoot are vintage SLR cameras and point-and-shoot cameras, such as the Olympus OM-1 or Canon AE-1. If you’re looking for something even more specific, you may want to consider using a rangefinder camera which can help you achieve very distinct results.

Where can I find props for my 80s photoshoot?

If you’re looking for props to use in your 80’s photoshoot, there are plenty of options available. Local thrift and vintage stores are great places to search for items that have an authentic 80s feel.

You can also search online sites such as Etsy or Ebay for specific items.

Additionally, you can often find very unique props at flea markets or even in your own attic!

What is the best way to edit my photos to get an 80’s look?

To achieve an authentic-looking 80’s aesthetic when editing your photos, it is important to pay close attention to color and contrast. You may want to add some yellow or magenta tints to warm up the image, as well as boost saturation and contrast for a vintage feel. If you have access to a film simulator plugin, this can be a great way of getting that classic analog look. Finally, don’t forget about adding subtle grain for extra texture!

What is the best theme for a photoshoot?

The best theme for a photoshoot really depends on the type of images you are trying to achieve. If you’re going for an 80’s aesthetic, then a retro-inspired theme would be ideal. However, if you’re looking for something contemporary, then a modern or minimalist style could work well. Ultimately, it is important to consider your subject matter and target audience when deciding on a photoshoot theme.

Are there any special techniques I should use in my 80s photoshoot?

Yes! Some unique techniques can help you capture images with an authentic 80’s look and feel. For example, try using bold colors and strong lighting contrast to create dramatic photos with impact. Also, experiment with off-camera lighting and flash for striking results. If you’re using a digital camera, post-processing can be used to add a vintage touch to your images. Finally, don’t forget about having fun with props and accessories that harken back to the period!

How do I find photoshoot ideas?

There are plenty of ways to come up with creative photoshoot ideas. Brainstorming, researching online, and looking at other people’s work can be great starting points. Additionally, try creating mood boards for inspiration or even look back through your own photo archives for ideas. Finally, don’t forget about reaching out to friends and family for help!

How do you style clothes for a photoshoot?

Styling clothes for a photoshoot can seem like a daunting task, but with some preparation and planning it can be easy! Start by looking at photo references from other photographers to get an idea of the look you want to achieve. Next, take into consideration your subject’s body type and skin tone when selecting clothing pieces. Finally, don’t forget about accessories — they can make all the difference in creating a cohesive look.

Useful Video: 80s STYLE Photoshoot


80s Photoshoot Ideas are fun and creative ways to express yourself through vintage fashion. Whether you’re a fan of the decade or just looking for some inspiration, these ideas can help bring your vision to life. From bright neon colors to outrageous accessories, 80s photoshoots have something for everyone! Just make sure you get permission from the people in the photos before trying out any of these wild styles. With a little bit of creativity and perseverance, you’ll be able to capture amazing shots that will last forever!

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