Does Instax Mini 11 Have a Timer?

Does Instax Mini 11 Have a Timer?

Have you ever been curious about the Instax Mini 11 Camera and if it has a timer? Many people are not aware of this feature on this camera. In this guide we will provide full information and useful tips about this powerful little camera with its incredibly useful timer.

Fujifilm Analog Instant Cameras with A Self-Timer

Instax Square SQ6

The SQ6 is great for selfies, and other photos where you want everyone to be ready when the shot is taken. The SQ6 also comes with additional features such as double exposures and macro mode.

The SQ6 has a self-timer that can be set to count down from either two or ten seconds.

Fujifilm Analog Instant Cameras with A Self-Timer

Instax Mini 70

It features autoexposure control and five shooting modes including landscape, macro, selfie, party/indoor and kids mode. It also has a Hi-Key Mode for taking brighter photos with softer tones for more creative shots. Additionally, the LCD monitor lets you easily view and adjust settings while taking photos or playing back images.

The Mini 70 has a built-in self-timer. This allows you to get into position for your photo before taking it.

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

It is the latest model which features a classic design with modern technology, including an adjustable lens and shutter speed control. The camera also comes with a built-in flash and four different shooting modes – Party, Kids, Landscape and Macro. Like the other two models discussed above, this one does not have a timer feature either.

However, what makes this model stand out from the others is its impressive number of advanced features that make it perfect. These include double exposure, bulb mode (which keeps the shutter open for up to 10 seconds) and macro mode. The camera also has a tripod socket, meaning that you can use it with a tripod for increased stability and precision.

It is a great choice for more advanced features than the other models discussed here, but still don’t require the timer feature. It’s perfect for taking high-quality photos at parties or special occasions.

It is equipped with a self-timer, allowing to take photos without having to press the shutter yourself. To activate the timer, press the ‘timer’ button. You can then choose a delay of either 2 or 10 seconds before the picture is taken.

This feature is great for taking group shots, as you will be able to get everyone in frame without worrying about pressing the shutter at just the right moment. Additionally, it also means that your hands won’t shake when taking pictures with longer exposure times like those used in nighttime photography.

Using the self-timer on your Mini 90 is easy – simply press and hold down the ‘timer’ button for two seconds. This will activate the timer, at which point you can choose between a 2 or 10 second delay before taking the photo. When the countdown reaches zero, the shutter will automatically release and take a picture.

The timer can be cancelled at any time by holding down the ‘timer’ button again, or by simply pressing any other button on the camera. Additionally, you can also turn off the timer feature by going into the camera’s menu settings.

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Hybrid Instant Cameras With A Self-Timer

Instax Mini Evo

It has an integrated 10MP digital sensor and allows you to capture photos. After taking your shot, you can take advantage of the timer feature which lets you take selfies without having to worry about pressing the button at just the right time. It comes equipped with a built-in flash for capturing sharp images even in low light settings.

It has a self-timer. This allows you to take selfies without having to press the button at just the right time. It has diverse shooting modes so you can easily find your desired look for every photo you take.

Using the timer on the Mini Evo is easy. Set the desired delay time, and click the button. The camera will then wait for the specified amount of time before taking a photo. If you want to take multiple selfies in a row, you can simply keep pressing the button and each shot will be taken with a delay after the previous one. This makes it ideal for capturing multiple images from different angles without having to press the button more than once.

Instax Mini Liplay

The Mini Liplay has a built-in timer thus you can set your shots up just the way you want them, and then take them when you’re ready. Moreover, it features an LCD display which shows the countdown of the timer, as well as various other settings such as brightness and flash modes. The camera also comes with 10 unique frames to choose from, allowing you to customize your photos even further. But does this camera have what it takes to be the perfect accessory for taking selfies? Let’s find out!

The Liplay has a self-timer feature. You can set the timer for two or 10 seconds, allowing you to take selfies with ease. The LCD screen also shows you how much time is left on the timer so that you know exactly when to press the shutter button.

Using the self-timer on Mini Liplay is really easy. First, you will need to choose a frame and set up your shot. You can then press the timer button on the back, which will give you the option to select either two or 10 seconds for the countdown. [1]

Instax Cameras That Do Not Have A Self-Timer

These include: Mini 7, 7+, 7s, 8, 9, 11, 40, SQ1, Wide 300.
One advantage of these models is that they all feature automatic exposure adjustment which allows for more accurate picture taking in different lighting conditions. Additionally, they have a built-in flash to help capture photos even in low light. And they all come with different fun features like a selfie mirror and various decorations for your prints. [2]

Instax Cameras That Do Not Have A Self-Timer

However, due to the lack of a self-timer on these models, it can be difficult to capture photos with yourself in them without relying on someone else to help out.


Does Mini 11 have a timer mode?

The Mini 11 is not equipped with a self-timer mode. However, it does have an Automatic Exposure Control mode which allows you to take photos with the correct exposure without needing to adjust the settings manually. The feature comes in handy when capturing photos of a group or yourself in which you prefer not to appear! It also has a manual flash setting for adjusting light intensity and shutter speed if needed.

In addition, the Mini 11 is compatible with a remote control (sold separately) that can be used to trigger the camera from a distance of up to 5 meters away. This feature makes it perfect for taking family portraits or other shots that involve multiple people who all need to be in the frame at once. With this remote, you can set a timer so that everyone can get into position before the photo is taken. [3]

So, while it doesn’t have a timer mode built in, it does offer various features that can help you take high-quality photos with ease. The remote control option is particularly useful when taking group shots and selfies. With this feature, you can set up the desired settings before anyone has to get into position for the photo.

Can you save photos on Mini 11?

No, it’s not possible. The Mini 11 is an analog instant camera which means that it does not have any digital features. [4]

Is Mini 11 worth buying?

It has several useful features, including the ability to take selfies and group photos with a built-in selfie mirror. Additionally, it comes with two shutter buttons allowing you to adjust your shooting angle and distance as needed. And best of all, it does indeed have a timer feature!

The timer feature allows you to delay taking a photo by up to 10 seconds so that you can get into position before the shot is taken. This makes it easier to capture those special moments in which everyone is smiling or posing together. It also gives you time to make sure that you have the best angle and lighting for your photo.

The timer feature can be accessed by holding the shutter button for two seconds, then releasing it. The camera will start counting down from 10 seconds before snapping a shot, giving you plenty of time to get ready.

How long does Mini 11 film take?

The Mini 11 uses Fujifilm’s latest instant film technology, which means it has a much faster print speed than previous models. It typically takes just 12 seconds for the camera to print a photo upon pressing the shutter button.

Useful Video: How to enable selfie mode on Instax Mini 11


The Instax Mini 11 doesn’t have a timer, but it does have an Automatic Exposure Control setting which helps you take better pictures in different lighting conditions. The Auto Exposure Control (AEC) adjusts the shutter speed and flash output to match the brightness of your subject for consistently well-exposed photos. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about setting the timer correctly or manually adjusting the settings. If you’re looking for a camera with a timer, then you should look into other options such as Fujifilm’s Instax SQ20 or SQ6 models.

However, if taking instant photos without fuss is more important to you than having a timer, then the Mini 11 may be the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to use, has a compact design and produces great photos that are sure to make memories last. Thanks for reading our guide! We hope you found all the information helpful and that it has helped you decide if this instant camera is right for your needs. Good luck with your photography!