Plus Size Photoshoot Ideas

Plus Size Photoshoot Ideas

Do you have curves? Are you proud of them? If so, why not flaunt them in a photoshoot? A plus-size photoshoot can be so much fun, and there are endless possibilities for creative ideas. This blog post will discuss some of our favorite ideas for plus-size photo shoots. It will also provide tips on how to make sure your shoot is fun and memorable. So, if you are ready to show off your curves, keep reading!

What is a Plus-Size Photoshoot?

Plus-size photoshoots are a type of photo shoot that focuses on celebrating one’s body and size, regardless of body shape or size.

These types of photoshoots celebrate beauty in all body types, while also challenging traditional standards of beauty. Plus-size photoshoots can be done both professionally and personally and can feature any kind of clothing style from lingerie to casual wear.

Plus-size models may also be featured in these shoots to showcase different styles for plus-size individuals. Plus-size photoshoots have become increasingly popular over recent years as society has begun to embrace more inclusive definitions of beauty. These shoots can be empowering for those who have been made to feel unworthy because of their size, allowing them to feel accepted and appreciated for who they are. Plus-size photoshoots can be a great way for people to express their individuality, build self-confidence, and embrace their style.

What is a Plus-Size Photoshoot?

No matter the type of a photoshoot you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that beauty is subjective and comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, no two plus-size photoshoots will ever look alike as each individual has their unique style. With this in mind, these shoots must be done with respect and care so that everyone involved feels comfortable expressing themselves authentically.

Highlight her Body Shape with Effective Posing

Pose 1: Arms up

This is a classic pose that highlights a woman’s body shape, especially her waist. To achieve this pose, have your model stand up straight and raise their arms above their head. You can ask them to place their hands close together or far apart depending on the desired result. Have them turn slightly to one side to create an even more dramatic look.

Pose 2: Full Frontal

This pose is great for showcasing a woman’s curves. Instruct your model to stand straight up with their feet together and hands on the hips. This will draw attention to her waist and hips which creates a flattering silhouette.

Pose 3: Sitting Profile

This pose is perfect for highlighting both the front and side view of a woman’s body shape. Ask your model to sit on the ground or an elevated surface like a bench, chair, or stool. Have them turn their body slightly sideways so that their back is facing the camera while their face looks towards it. Instruct them to tuck one leg inwards while holding the other outstretched at an angle away from the body with their arms resting beside it.

Pose 4: Laying on your back with a crossed leg

This pose is great for showcasing a woman’s curves in an alluring way. Ask your model to lay down on the ground with one leg crossed over the other. Have them rest their hands behind their head or along the sides of the body to create an even more flattering look.

Pose 5: On the side with leg bent in front

This pose is great for emphasizing the curves of a woman’s body. Ask your model to lie down on one side, bending their legs up towards their chest. Have them rest one arm outstretched and the other tucked under their head for support. This will create an even more defined shape.

Pose 6: Sitting on a couch

This pose is great for creating a relaxed, intimate vibe. Ask your model to lounge on a couch or sofa with their legs crossed and their arms draped over the sides. Have them tilt their bodies slightly so that they are facing away from the camera which will lend an even more sensual feel to the shot.

Highlight her Body Shape with Effective Posing

Pose 7: Arching the back

This pose is great for emphasizing the curves of a woman’s body. Ask your model to arch their back slightly, with one leg bent and the other straight out behind them. This will create an elongated S-shape that will draw attention to her shapely curves.

Pose 8: Looking over the shoulder

This pose is perfect for showing off a woman’s silhouette. Ask your model to turn slightly towards the camera, looking over one shoulder and away from it at the same time. This will draw attention to her body shape without obscuring her face.

Pose 9: Pop the hip

This pose is great for highlighting the curves of a woman’s body. Ask your model to stand up straight and then pop their hip out slightly to one side. This will create an exaggerated curve that will draw attention to her shapely figure.

Pose 10: In the tub

This pose is perfect for capturing a sultry, intimate moment. Ask your model to recline in the tub with one arm draped behind their head and the other resting in front of them. Positioning the leg closest to the camera slightly forward will create an even more dramatic look.

Pose 11: Hands around the hips

This pose is great for highlighting a woman’s curves. Ask your model to stand up straight with their arms wrapped around the hips, drawing attention to her waist and hips. This will create an almost hourglass-like silhouette that is sure to turn heads [1].

Pose 12: Kneeling

This pose is perfect for creating a dramatic, powerful look. Ask your model to kneel on one knee, with the other leg bent outwards at an angle and their arms rested along the sides of the body. Tilting the head slightly downwards towards the camera will lend an even more intense vibe.

Highlight her Body Shape with Effective Posing

Select Plus-Size Boudoir Outfits for Curvy Models

Plus-size models come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to find outfits that can flatter different body types. There are a few key elements to consider when selecting plus-size boudoir outfits:

  1. Start with the basics. Choose comfortable pieces such as camisoles or bodysuits that fit close to the body without being too tight or revealing. This will create a smooth silhouette and provide a good base for any additional layers you may want to add.
  2. Balance the look with accessories. Accessories like long necklaces, hoop earrings, and statement belts can help draw attention away from areas of the body that may be uncomfortable to show off while giving your outfit an extra flair.
  3. Add some volume. Flowing skirts, ruffled tops, and airy fabrics help to create a soft silhouette that is both flattering and elegant. Consider selecting items in light colors such as white or pastels for an extra feminine touch.
  4. Showcase the positive areas of your model’s body with strategically placed lace trims or lacy pieces like bralettes and garter belts that can add sexiness without going overboard.
  5. Don’t forget the details! Accessories like gloves, thigh-high stockings, and hats can turn any basic outfit into a stylish look that stands out from the crowd.
  6. Consider the overall mood of the shoot when selecting plus-size boudoir outfits. If you’re going for a romantic vibe, try pairing lingerie pieces with delicate fabrics like silk or lace. For a more edgy look, opt for leather pieces and bold prints. Whichever direction you go in, make sure to choose pieces that provide enough coverage so your model feels comfortable in her skin -because that is what will truly make her shine in front of the camera.Select Plus-Size Boudoir Outfits for Curvy Models

Plus Size Pin Up Photoshoot Ideas For All Girls

Hollywood Starlet

A Hollywood starlet-themed pin-up photoshoot is a great way to show off your curves in a glamorous and playful way. Get dressed up in an old-fashioned evening gown or ballroom skirt, complete with some classic red lipstick! Add some vintage accessories like a rhinestone necklace, satin gloves, and maybe even a feather boa for extra drama. Strike some classic pin-up poses while you’re at it – think dramatic head tilts, arching your back, and pouting your lips.

Diner Waitress

Channel your inner 50s diner waitress for a classic, fun-loving look. Put on a pink and white striped skirt with a matching blouse or top, and add some playful accessories like an order pad, napkins (even if you’re not taking orders!), and red shoes.

For extra props to use in the photos, try adding old-fashioned kitchen items like salt shakers and condiments as well as vintage telephones or jukeboxes!

Classic Burlesque

A burlesque-inspired photoshoot is all about being bold and sexy. Go for bright colors that make you pop against the backdrop – think sequins, feathers, and ruffles. Ask your photographer to leave room in the frame to add some props like a feather boa, fan, or parasol. Don’t be afraid to make bold faces and exaggerated poses. Strike up some classic burlesque moves like the Egyptian walk or Charleston!

Beachy Babe

Capture your inner beach bum with a pin-up photoshoot at the shore. Put on a retro bathing suit or high-waisted bikini and let your hair down in loose curls. If you want to bring in more props, try adding beach pails, shovels, floats, and umbrellas for an extra pop of color! And don’t forget your shades – they can help you pull off those sultry pin-up looks!

Oversized Props

Get creative with your shoot by adding oversized props. This can be anything from a giant lollipop or ice cream cone to a bigger-than-life balloon or beach ball. Ask your photographer to capture shots of you climbing, standing, or even lounging on top of the prop for some unique pin-up poses!

High School Teacher

Channel your inner teacher for an educational twist on the classic pin-up photoshoot. Put on a blazer and glasses, grab a stack of books, and find a chalkboard or desk to pose in front of. Strike up some playful poses like writing equations or pointing at something to read!

Wearing Corsets

Corsets are a classic look for pin-up photoshoots and can really help to show off your curves. Ask your photographer to capture you in different poses as you adjust the corset for some extra movement and texture! Don’t forget to bring along a few vintage accessories like gloves, pearls, or even a hat for an added touch of glamour.

Plus Size Pin Up Photoshoot Ideas For All Girls

Fairytale Princess

Dress up as a fairytale princess for a magical pin-up photoshoot idea. Find an ethereal dress in light pastel colors and then add accessories like tiaras, capes, and wands. Strike some fun poses while twirling around with your props or holding hands with a pet (if you have one!) to capture that whimsical feel.

Retro Gamer

Show off your nerdy side with a video-game-themed pin-up photoshoot. Put on some retro gaming gear like an 8-bit shirt or hoodie and grab some props such as arcade-style controllers or consoles. Strike up some fun poses while playing around with the props – maybe even try doing a few classic video game moves!

Laying Down on the Couch

Get cozy and comfortable with a photoshoot that features you lounging on a couch or bed. Put on an oversized shirt or sweater and add some other vintage props like books, magazines, old TVs, and radios. Strike up some playful poses while lounging around, such as reading a book or talking on the phone!

Pin-up Clown

This pin-up style is all about blending classic pin-up glamour with eccentric clownishness. Choose bright colors for your makeup and clothing to really stand out in the photos. Ask your photographer to leave room in the frame for some fun props like balloons, big shoes, hats, and even a unicycle! And don’t forget to strike up some wild poses with exaggerated facial expressions.

Try the Full-Length Pose

For a classic pin-up photoshoot, ask your photographer to capture you in full-length poses. Choose clothing that flatters your figure and adds some vintage touches like gloves, polka dots, or stripes. Add some props such as a hat box or vintage suitcase to help create an interesting scene. Strike up playful and seductive poses while adjusting the props around you!

Where can you find other plus-size photoshoot ideas and inspiration?

There are a variety of places to find inspiration and ideas for plus-size photoshoots. Websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Model Mayhem all have dedicated boards or galleries with inspiring images featuring beautiful models in all shapes and sizes.

Where can you find other plus-size photoshoot ideas and inspiration?

Additionally, magazines like Curve, Glamour, and Vogue are great sources of inspiration when creating a plus-size photoshoot concept. Fashion bloggers that specialize in plus-size fashion can also provide helpful tips and advice on styling your photoshoot to best flatter the subject’s body shape. Finally, attending runway shows or visiting boutiques that cater to the curvy girl is always a good way to find new ideas for your next shoot.

Doing research into what other photographers have done with their plus-size photoshoots can help to spark new and creative ideas for your own projects. By looking at the work of others, you can gain an understanding of how to use lighting, angles, and props to create a stunning image that celebrates curves in all their glory [2].


How should I pose for a plus-size photo?

When posing for a plus-size photo, try to find postures that flatter your body shape and highlight your best features. Find poses that create a balanced look by emphasizing parts of the body you feel comfortable with and playing down other areas. For example, stand in front of the camera at an angle to elongate your figure while still showing off curves, or put one hand on the hip to define the waist. Keep in mind that everybody is beautiful and there’s no “right” way to pose! Experiment with different poses until you find ones that make you feel confident and show off your unique style.

How do plus-size couples shoot?

Plus-size couples can create beautiful, intimate photos that show off their connection. Focus on poses and angles that make the couple look connected and in sync with one another.

Embrace natural movement, whether it’s from a sweet embrace or funny dance moves! For example, take more shots of your lovey-dovey moments such as intertwined hands or gentle kisses. Keep in mind that even though you are posing for a photo, the more relaxed and natural you can be with each other, the better your final shot will be.

What type of wardrobe should I wear for a plus-size shoot?

When dressing for a plus-size photoshoot, the key is to find clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose pieces that flatter your curves and define the waist, such as a form-fitting dress or shirt with a belt. Avoid clothing that’s too baggy or ill-fitting, as this can make you look bigger than you are. You can also add accessories to create an interesting focal point in your photos. Some ideas for plus-size photoshoot wardrobe include wrap dresses, chunky jewelry, flowy skirts, crop tops, and statement jackets. Have fun with color and texture to create an eye-catching outfit!

What should I avoid when posing for a plus-size shoot?

When posing for a plus-size photo shoot, avoid postures that make you appear slumped or slouchy. Instead, find poses that create curves and enhance your natural shape. Also avoid hiding your body by folding your arms or turning away from the camera. Embrace the beauty of your body and focus on postures that make you feel confident and beautiful! Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, poses, and expressions until you find a look that makes you feel comfortable and shows off your best features.

How do you take seductive pictures of yourself as a plus size?

When taking seductive pictures of yourself as a plus-size person, it’s important to find postures and angles that make you feel confident. Start by experimenting with poses that highlight your curves and flatter your shape, such as arching the back or putting one hand on the hip. You can also add an extra layer of sexiness by playing with lingerie or accessories like chunky jewelry. When all else fails, remember that confidence is key – the more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the more natural and sexy your photos will look!

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Plus-Size Photoshoot is a great initiative to encourage body positivity and promote inclusivity. It is a reflection of the changing attitudes towards plus-size models within the fashion industry and society in general. Plus-Size Photoshoot can play an important role in making people feel comfortable and accepted no matter what their size is. It helps to create an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation, thus making it easier for people to love themselves and feel confident about who they are. With more awareness about this issue, more people will be able to bravely step up for such photoshoots without fear or hesitation.