Funny Selfie Ideas

Funny Selfie Ideas

Are you looking for some funny and creative ways to capture your life’s memories? We all love taking selfies, but wouldn’t it be great if we could make them more interesting with a twist of creativity and hilarity? Well, look no further! Today’s blog post will give you a plethora of funny selfie ideas that are sure to add laughter and uniqueness to your special moments. So grab your phone (or camera!) get ready for a bunch of fun poses, props, filters, angles – the possibilities are endless! Keep reading this post for some seriously hilarious ways to spark up your selfie game as we explore these funny selfie ideas together.

Funny Selfie Ideas

Play around with filters

It can be difficult to find a unique angle for your selfie, but if you use a filter it will create an interesting and humorous effect.

A few popular options include vintage filters, black and white effects, or funky color effects.

Funny Selfie Ideas

Pose with props

Selfies don’t always have to be serious! Strike a funny pose with silly props like sunglasses, hats, or wacky costumes to make your photo stand out from the crowd.

Take goofy selfies with friends

Group selfies are always fun because there’s more than one person in the shot. Pose together in matching outfits or take individual photos that mimic each other’s poses – it’s sure to get some laughs! [1]

Create a photo booth collage

Set up a DIY photo booth with props and backdrops. Have your friends take turns in the booth, then piece together the individual photos to create a quirky collage. This is great for special occasions like birthdays or holidays!

Add animals

Animals always make for the most adorable selfies! Whether you have a pet of your own or come across some wild animals on an adventure, having them make a cameo in your selfie is sure to bring out lots of smiles.

Imitate your mate

If you and your friends have an inside joke, why not recreate it with a selfie? It doesn’t matter if it’s a dance move, funny face, or even just some silly hand gestures – the sillier the better!

Multiply the selfie

Gather your family or closest friends for a group selfie. If you can’t all get together in person, you can always take a virtual selfie and have everyone strike the same pose from wherever they are in the world. Make sure to capture some funny faces to spruce up the photo. You can also take an animal selfie if you have a pet that’s willing to cooperate! Get creative with props, backgrounds, and expressions to make it truly unique.

Use forced perspective photography

This can create funny and unexpected selfies. Find something that’s smaller in size, like a toy or houseplant, and place it in front of you as if it’s part of your selfie. The trick will make it look like the object is proportionally larger than you are. Make funny faces for your selfie. You don’t have to take serious poses all the time–have fun with it!

Capture then vs. now

Compare where you are now to a moment in the past. You can use the same pose from five years ago and compare it with your current selfie, or capture yourself doing something that used to be totally foreign to you like diving into the pool or riding a bike.

Funny Selfie Ideas

Try out different filters

Filters give an extra flair to your selfies, so have some fun experimenting with them. Some popular options include bloom, sparkle, kaleidoscope, and film grain–try out any of these for an added creative touch! [2]

Add captions

Adding funny captions is a great way to make your selfies stand out even more! Make sure they’re clever yet goofy enough for everyone to get the joke. Whether it’s puns or pop culture references, captions can make your selfies even more hilarious.

Recreate a famous scene or pose

If you’re a fan of cinema, why not recreate your favorite scene or pose? Pick out a movie still and try to match it up with the same angle, background, expressions, and props. It’ll be fun to share the results with fellow cinephiles!

Playing the Field

Take multiple selfies in quick succession. This will give you a lot of options to pick from, plus it can result in some really funny moments. You can also take video clips and find the funniest frames for your selfie–it’s all about experimenting!

Walmart Selfie Greeter

If you’re visiting Walmart, don’t forget to take a selfie with the greeter! It’s a hilarious way to document your visit and can make for some great memories. Just make sure to ask permission first!

Old-School Selfie

One of the most popular funny selfie ideas is to take an old-school selfie. Consider using silly hats, wacky glasses, or make a funny face for this one! You can also use vintage props like suitcases and typewriters to give your photo some extra flair. If you really want to go all out, recreate a classic painting with yourself in it as a fun twist on the traditional selfie.

Funny Selfie Ideas

Group Selfie

For something different, try taking a group selfie! Gather up your closest friends or family members and snap away. Play around with different poses and facial expressions to create hilarious photos that will have everyone laughing. Don’t forget the props – grab some big signs, colorful balloons, or action figures to add some extra pizzazz to the selfie.

Dress-Up Selfie

Another fun idea is to put on a silly costume and take a dress-up selfie! Whether you go with funny animal ears, a superhero cape, or your favorite cartoon character’s attire, you’ll be sure to get plenty of laughs. Dress-up selfies are especially great for occasions like birthdays or holidays – you can even add festive props like party hats and streamers. [3]

Kids These Days Selfie

For a truly creative funny selfie idea, try taking a “kids these days” photo with current trends and technology. Take a picture while wearing virtual reality glasses or using your latest tech gadget. You can also find props that represent popular things like gaming consoles and skateboards to add an extra dose of humor to the shot.

Funny Selfie Ideas

No matter which funny selfie ideas you choose, make sure to have some fun with it! Pose in silly ways, use props, and don’t be afraid to get creative – after all, selfies are meant to be light-hearted and humorous. Just remember to always take good care of yourself and stay safe while taking your photos. That way, you’ll be sure to capture some priceless memories!

How to Take Funny Selfies?

Taking funny selfies is all about creating a unique and memorable photo that stands out from the rest. Here are some tips on how to take hilarious selfies:

  1. Get into Character – The key to making an eye-catching selfie is to exaggerate your facial expressions or body language in order to make the image stand out. If you’re feeling silly, why not don a costume or accessory? You could dress up as your favorite fictional character, wear a humorous hat, or put on your craziest pair of sunglasses! [4]
  2. Strike a Pose – It may be helpful to have somebody else take your picture since it will give you more freedom when striking poses and expressions. However, if you plan on taking the selfie yourself, make sure the camera is at a good angle and distance from your face. The best way to do this is by using the “arm’s length” rule of thumb – hold the camera away from you with your arm fully extended.
  3. Show Some Attitude – To make an impactful selfie, it’s important to have some attitude in your poses! Stick out your tongue or show off some sass with one hand on your hip. Varying up the angle of each photo can be fun too – try taking selfies from above or below for a different perspective.
  4. Have Fun With Props – Adding props into the mix can create an interesting narrative within your photo, especially when paired with a creative pose. Use props that you already have around the house or pick up something inexpensive from a dollar store. Some ideas include toys, books, balloons, wigs, and even your pet!

By following these tips for taking funny selfies, you’ll be sure to capture some hilarious and memorable photos that your friends and family will love! Have fun experimenting and don’t forget to keep smiling!

How to Take Funny Selfies?

What Are the Funny Face Apps?

Funny face apps are a great way to add humor and fun to your selfies. These apps allow you to take pictures of yourself, or someone else, making a funny face. You can then customize the photo with props, filters, and stickers to make your selfie even more fun! Some of the most popular funny face app options include Face Swap Live, Face Fun, and Make Me Laugh. Each of these apps will give you a variety of options for creating hilarious selfies that are sure to get plenty of laughs from your friends and family! So if you’re looking for some creative ways to capture those silly moments with your camera phone – consider using one of these awesome apps!

Another creative option is making use of virtual backgrounds while taking your selfie. There are a variety of applications that offer virtual backgrounds, such as AirBrush and FaceTune.

You can customize the background to create any atmosphere you desire, from jungle scenes with exotic animals to intergalactic space travel! The possibilities are endless, so be sure to have some fun when creating your funny selfies!

Finally, don’t forget about the classic photo booth option for making funny selfies. Many restaurants and shopping centers offer these convenient booths, which allow you to take quick pictures of yourself or friends in front of silly backdrops. The great thing about this option is that it’s usually free or very reasonably priced – plus it’s a great way to capture candid moments in a group setting. So head out to your favorite spot and get ready for some hilarious selfies!

No matter what type of funny face app or virtual background you choose, the most important thing is that you have fun while creating your selfie. Get creative with props, filters, stickers, and backgrounds – then share the final product with friends and family to see who can make the funniest face! So go ahead and start experimenting today – just remember to snap a few before-and-after pics so you can compare each of your creations. With all the amazing options available, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find something that will put a smile on everyone’s faces. Enjoy! [5]

What Are the Funny Face Apps?


How do you take cool selfies of yourself?

There are several ways to take cool selfies. You can experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting to get a unique look. Consider trying out funny facial expressions or incorporating props into your selfie for an extra bit of fun. You could also take advantage of interesting backgrounds like graffiti walls or scenic spots.

What kind of camera do you need for taking good selfies?

Many modern smartphones have excellent cameras that are perfect for taking selfies. If you’re looking for something more professional, there are plenty of digital cameras and DSLRs designed specifically for capturing great quality images.

How can I make my selfies stand out from the crowd?

One way to make your selfies stand out is to come up with creative ideas that you can use to make your photos unique. Try out funny poses, props, and interesting backgrounds to express yourself in fun and original ways. You could also experiment with editing apps to add extra flair to your selfies.

What are some creative selfie ideas?

There are plenty of creative selfie ideas that you can try out. Make funny faces at the camera or incorporate props like hats or wigs into your photo. Take advantage of interesting backgrounds like graffiti walls or picturesque nature scenes. You could also take a series of photos from different angles for a more dynamic look. Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it!

How do you take shy pictures?

Shy pictures are all about playing with angles and lighting to make yourself look a bit more mysterious. The key is to experiment with different poses, tilt your head slightly, and try to play with the shadows and highlights in the photo. You can even go for a monochromatic filter that will give your image an artsy feel. Don’t be afraid to take multiple shots of the same pose so you can choose which one has the best effect! Play around until you find something that feels comfortable and confident.

Is it OK to be camera shy?

Of course! But if you’re itching for a chance to get your sillies out, here are some fun selfie ideas that will get everyone laughing:

  1. Put on your best sunglasses and go for the ‘coolest’ look ever.
  2. Strike a silly pose with an animal, like pretending to ride a cat or wearing bunny ears.
  3. Go into nature and take a selfie from a unique perspective – think upside down in front of some flowers or looking over at the sunset from atop of hill.
  4. Find something funny around you, like your favorite stuffed animal or piece of art, and take it with you on your adventure for an unexpected photo op!
  5. Get creative with props and turn your selfie into a funny scene – like a pirate on the high seas, or an astronaut exploring outer space!
  6. Take advantage of your environment and find fun backgrounds for your selfies- like taking one in front of a mural, or inside a unique restaurant.
  7. Strike a silly face in the mirror to capture that perfect rofl moment!
  8. Take group selfies with all your friends and have everyone make their silliest faces at once! It’ll definitely be memorable.
  9. Pretend you’re posing for an old-fashioned portrait, but put a modern spin on it by adding something unexpected, like fancy modern sunglasses or crazy hats!
  10. Capture funny moments with your pets – a “dog-fie” or “cat-fie” maybe?

No matter what you choose, don’t forget to have fun and be sure to share your hilarious selfies! You never know who might see them.

Why do I look funny in selfies?

Selfies are a fun way to express yourself and document your life, but sometimes they can end up looking funny. This can be due to a variety of factors, including poor lighting, an unflattering angle or expression, or even the wrong filter. Poorly framed selfies can also look comical. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make sure you take great-looking selfies every time! First and foremost, choose the right background for your selfie. If you’re taking it indoors, try using a plain wall with natural light coming in from a nearby window. If you’re outdoors, find an interesting backdrop like some foliage or buildings that will make your selfie stand out. When it comes to your pose, experiment with different angles and expressions. Try tilting or turning your head in a unique way, or make a funny face that will get some laughs! Finally, don’t forget the power of filters—they can help enhance the colors and texture of your photo for an even more interesting look.

What app makes pictures laugh?

There are several apps that can add a humorous twist to your selfies. FaceApp is one of the most popular options, as it allows you to transform yourself into different characters and age yourself with just a few taps. Snapseed is great for adding fun filters and effects, while B612 gives you access to tons of stickers and animations. Whether you want to make your selfie appear more cartoonish or give it an artistic touch, there’s sure to be an app that will help bring out your creative side! And if all else fails, you can always take a silly selfie—nothing says “funny” like sticking your tongue out or putting on funny glasses!

How to do funny faces on Instagram?

Whether it’s a silly face, tongue-out face or funny glasses, these ideas are sure to make your followers smile!

  1. Make a duck-face. This classic and often overused selfie pose is still sure to get some laughs on Instagram. Just pucker up your lips and you’re set!
  2. Put on a pair of sunglasses. Not only will they add an extra bit of sass to your photo, but wearing sunglasses can create a dramatic effect and give your pic that pop of color it needs.
  3. Pull out the props. Adding props such as funny hats or goofy accessories can make for great photos with friends or family. Just be careful not to overdo it – the main focus should still be your face!
  4. Strike a pose. Doing silly poses can make for hilarious selfies, from Gangnam Style to the robot dance. Show off your moves and let loose!
  5. Pull funny faces. Widen your eyes, stick out your tongue or make crazy expressions – anything goes when it comes to making funny faces on Instagram! Just have fun with it. No matter what you do, remember to always stay positive and upbeat in all of your posts – keep it lighthearted and entertaining for everyone watching!

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Having a good sense of humor and an eye for creativity can help you create funny selfies that will leave your friends laughing. Whether you’re using props, playing with facial expressions or adding silly captions to your photo, having fun while taking your selfie is the key to making it memorable. With these funny selfie ideas, you’ll be sure to make your followers smile and brighten their day! Have fun and be safe when taking selfies!