How Much Do Maternity Photos Cost?

How Much Do Maternity Photos Cost?

Maternity photos are a beautiful way to capture the joy and excitement of expecting a baby. They can also be a great way to document your pregnancy journey. If you’re thinking about having maternity photos taken, you may be wondering how much they cost.

The cost of maternity photos varies depending on the photographer and the package you choose. Some photographers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate for a certain number of photos. You may also be able to find package deals that include digital files, prints, or both.

To get an idea of how much maternity photos might cost in your area, it’s best to reach out to a few photographers and ask for their pricing information. Once you’ve gathered some estimates, you can start to compare prices and decide what’s right for you. Remember, there’s no wrong way to document your pregnancy journey – so don’t let the cost deter you from capturing these special moments!

How Much Do Maternity Photos Cost?

Reasons Why Every Expectant Mom Should Do A Maternity Photo Shoot [1]:

  • Maternity photos are a way to document and remember this amazing time in your life;
  • Maternity photos are a perfect gift for grandparents and other family members
  • Maternity photos are a great way to show off your baby bump;
  • Maternity photos are a great way to get creative and have fun with your pregnancy;
  • Maternity photos are a great way to get some bonding time with your partner before the baby arrives;

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the cost of maternity photography, as well as some tips on how to find the best photographer for your needs.

Types of Maternity Photo Sessions:

1) In-Person Sales

Studios are known for their in-person sales (IPS) in most places. These photoshoots usually have a sitting fee of at least $100 but as much as $300 or more. The client pays the fixed fee, and the photographer takes photographs in the studio [2].

The client usually chooses the photographer based on:

  • Their portfolio;
  • The rapport they build with the photographer;
  • The package options and pricing that are offered to them;

After choosing a photographer, the client pays for their services upfront. This type of session is not as common as it used to be because most people want to see what they are getting before they pay for it.

Types of Maternity Photo Sessions

Some photographers will require a deposit in order to hold the date and time of your maternity photo session. Deposits can range from $50-$200 depending on the area you live in and how popular maternity photography is at the time. Once you have paid your deposit, most photographers will give you a contract to sign which outlines all of the details of your session.

Be sure to read over the contract carefully before signing it! You will be responsible for any fees outlined in the contract even if you cancel your session or do not show up.

The client has the choice of buying digital files, prints, and wall art separately. These revenues will be how a photographer makes money, so it’s critical that the customer purchases at least something to make your time worthwhile. Before scheduling an appointment, a photographer should provide your clients with all relevant information about the available goods.

2) “Shoot and Burn”

With this option, a photographer charges the client more because the prices include the hours spent behind the camera and a set number of images. He or she can use the client’s email information or mailing information to share the pictures through a disc, flash drive, or digital gallery.

The “Shoot and burn” option is not as common as it used to be because people want the convenience of a digital file. This type of session is becoming less popular because photographers are now offering more products and services that clients can purchase.

Be sure to ask your photographer what type of files they will be providing you with (JPEG, TIFF, RAW, etc.). Some photographers only provide low-resolution files that can’t be printed or enlarged. If you plan to print your maternity photos, make sure you know what file types you are getting!

Shooting outside gives the freedom to use special locations for the mother or areas where the mother feels most comfortable.

It would be best if the photographer decided how many images he or she will give the client before the shoot takes place. This way, he or she can photograph the client in various locations and angles to provide a diverse portfolio of digital images for them.

“Shoot and Burn”

Backgrounds, costumes, props, and other people can be utilized in a variety of setups.

The photographer can also recommend a few poses for the mother to do that flatter her body type and make her feel comfortable.

How Much Does it Cost to Take Maternity Pictures?

The average cost of a professional photographer’s time and talent will be anywhere from $50-$250/hour [3].

However, that’s just the photographer’s time! You also have to factor in the costs of prints, albums, digital files, and other products that you may want to purchase.

The total cost of your maternity photography experience will be affected by how many people are being photographed, how many locations you want to shoot at, the length of your session, what type of products you order, and whether or not you add on any extras like hair & makeup services.

Pay Attention to the Maternity Photography Market

Maternity sessions are typically scheduled for when the mom is between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant. This allows enough time for the baby to be safe in the mom’s tummy, but not so close to the baby’s due date that the mom is uncomfortably large or uncomfortable.

Most photographers offer mini maternity sessions, which are 30 minutes long and include up to two people, as well as full-length maternity sessions, which are 60 minutes long and can include up to six people.

When budgeting for your maternity photography session, most photographers recommend setting aside $500-$1000. This will ensure that you have enough money to cover the photographer’s time &  talent, as well as any products that you may want to purchase.

Pay Attention to the Maternity Photography Market

Tips for Maternity Photo Sessions:

If you’re thinking about doing a maternity photoshoot, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You will need to find a photographer who specializes in maternity photography;
  • Maternity photo shoots typically last one to two hours;
  • You will need to wear comfortable, loose clothing that shows off your baby bump;
  • You may want to bring props to your maternity photoshoots, such as a pair of baby shoes or a blanket;

How Much Do Maternity Photos Cost: Package Comparison

Maternity photoshoots are a wonderful way for expectant parents to preserve the joy and anticipation of pregnancy. When planning for a maternity photoshoot, understanding the cost and what each package offers is crucial. This table provides a comparison of different package types offered by photography services, outlining the various features and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

Package Type Description Number of Edited Photos Session Duration Price (USD)
Basic Package A simple package ideal for those on a budget. 5 1 hour 150
Standard Package A popular choice with more options and flexibility. 10 2 hours 250
Premium Package The ultimate package with exclusive features. 20 3 hours 400

This table compares different maternity photoshoot package types, helping you understand the varying features and pricing available in the market.

  • Package Type: This column lists the different package options offered by photography services for maternity photoshoots.
  • Description: The description column provides a brief overview of each package type, helping you understand the package’s suitability for your needs.
  • Number of Edited Photos: This column indicates the number of photos that will be professionally edited and delivered to you after the photoshoot. More edited photos allow for a wider selection of high-quality images.
  • Session Duration: The session duration column specifies the amount of time you’ll have with the photographer during the photoshoot. Longer sessions provide more opportunities for diverse poses and settings.
  • Price (USD): This column shows the cost of each package in USD. Prices can vary based on factors such as the photographer’s experience, location, and additional features included in the package.

Remember that while the table provides an overview of common package options and their respective features, individual photographers may offer variations and add-ons to these packages. It’s essential to communicate with photographers to understand their specific offerings and ensure that the chosen package aligns with your preferences and budget.


Are maternity photos worth it?

Maternity photographers get this question a lot. In addition, the common answer is always yes! Maternity photos are such an important way to document this time in your life. Not only will you be able to look back on these photos and remember this special time, but your children will be able to see them one day too.

Maternity photos are also a great way to show off your baby bump! Let’s be honest, pregnancy can be tough and not everyone feels comfortable in their skin during this time. However, when you see those beautiful maternity photos it can help you to appreciate your body for all that it has done (and is doing).

What month of pregnancy should you take maternity photos?

The best time to do a maternity photoshoot is between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is typically when you are feeling the best and still have a nice round belly [4].

What should a man wear for maternity photos?

The mother’s partner or husband should wear clothing that is comfortable and makes him feel good. He doesn’t need to match the mom’s outfit, but it can be nice if his colors compliment it.

Wearing a button-down shirt that he can unbutton will also give you some variety in your photos. And don’t forget about accessories! A watch or necklace can add an extra touch to your photos.

Do you own maternity photos?

Yes, you own them because you pay for them. The photographer may also have a copyright on the image, but you will have the print release which allows you to make copies of the image and use it how you’d like.

You can hang your maternity photos in your home, put them in an album, or even send them out as birth announcements! The possibilities are endless.

Is 38 weeks too late for maternity photos?

Most photographers tell the expecting clients that scheduling as late as 36 or 37 weeks was within the recommended window, but these days, photographers encourage women to aim for 34 weeks at the latest just to be safe. The fact is, you never know when your baby will arrive [5].

Is 30 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

Many expecting mothers choose to have their maternity photos taken between 30 and 34 weeks. This allows you to still feel comfortable, while also capturing that pregnant belly before the baby arrives.

Is $250 an average price for a maternity photoshoot?

If you are considering having a professional photographer capture this special time in your life, you may be wondering how much it will cost. The average price for maternity photography is $400-$700. However, the cost can vary depending on the experience of the photographer, the location of the shoot, and how many edited images are included in the final package.

How much does a maternity photographer cost in Los Angeles?

The average cost of a two-hour maternity photoshoot in Los Angeles in 2020-2022 is approximately $809. On average, a one-hour maternity shoot costs $506, and a four-hour shoot costs $1,416. The prices of Los Angeles’s maternity photographers are 45% above the national average [6].

How much does a maternity photographer cost in Dallas?

The average cost of a two-hour maternity photoshoot in Dallas, Texas, is $509 from 2020 to 2022. A one-hour maternity shoot will set you back $318, while a four-hour shoot will cost $891 on average. The prices for photographers in Dallas are 9% below the national average [7].

What factors influence the cost of maternity photos?

The cost of maternity photos can vary based on several factors, such as the photographer’s experience, location, length of the photoshoot, the number of edited images provided, and any additional services or props included.

Do different photographers have varying pricing structures for maternity photos?

Yes, different photographers often have their pricing structures for maternity photos. Some may offer packages with set prices, while others may charge an hourly rate or a session fee, with additional costs for prints or digital images.

What is the average cost of a maternity photoshoot?

The average cost of a maternity photoshoot can range from $200 to $600. However, keep in mind that prices can be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

Are there any extra costs involved beyond the initial photography fee?

Yes, there may be additional costs beyond the initial photography fee. These could include purchasing prints, albums, or digital copies of the images. Some photographers may also offer retouching services for an extra charge.

Do maternity photographers offer any packages or discounts?

Yes, many maternity photographers offer packages that include different services or products at a discounted rate compared to individual purchases. These packages may vary in price and contents, catering to different preferences and budgets.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional maternity photographer?

Hiring a professional maternity photographer can ensure high-quality and beautifully captured images. They have experience in posing, lighting, and creating a comfortable atmosphere, making the expectant mother feel at ease during the photoshoot.

Can I do a maternity photoshoot at home to save money?

Certainly! Doing a maternity photoshoot at home can help you save money on renting a studio or location. With some creativity and proper lighting, you can achieve lovely and intimate shots in the comfort of your own home.

Are there any DIY options for maternity photos?

Yes, if you have a good camera or smartphone with a decent camera, you can try taking your own maternity photos or have a friend or family member assist you. There are also self-timer features and tripod setups that can be useful for DIY maternity photoshoots.

Can I negotiate the price with a maternity photographer?

While some photographers may be open to negotiation, not all of them are. It’s worth discussing your budget and needs with the photographer to see if they can tailor a package that works for both parties.

When is the best time during pregnancy to schedule a maternity photoshoot?

The best time for a maternity photoshoot is usually around 28 to 34 weeks into the pregnancy. At this stage, the belly is nicely rounded, and the expectant mother is generally feeling comfortable enough to pose for the photos.

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Final thoughts

If you’re pregnant and looking for a way to capture your beautiful belly, maternity photos are the perfect option. Although they can be pricey, they are definitely worth it if you find the right photographer. We hope this article has helped you understand the cost of maternity photography and given you some tips on how to find a great photographer for your session.